Fertility Procedure Helps PCOS Get Pregnant Without Hormone Injections

Three months later, when Sangari was ready to try again, Hade suggested a different kind of fertility treatment called in vitro maturation (IVM).“Usually women with … PCOS are the primary candidates for this procedure because they have lots of little immature follicles which lead to lots of little immature eggs.“In in-vitro maturation, little to none of these [hormone] drugs are given initially, so what we’re doing is preparing the endometrium for implantation with hormones to … prime the lining,”

Hade said. “And in this process, we wait until the endometrial receptivity gets to its best point, and that’s when we trigger the ovulation and remove the immature eggs out.”The treatment is still considered experimental, so it’s not covered by insurance. But Hade hopes to change that with an ongoing IVM study he is conducting that has shown success rates of 80 percent so far.Sangari had the procedure, and in October 2013 she and her husband welcomed a daughter, Zoya. They plan on trying for another child.


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