Fertility Procedure Helps PCOS Get Pregnant Without Hormone Injections

Manpreet Sangari, 32, was diagnosed with PCOS after months of trying to get pregnant proved unsuccessful.“Basically it will be very hard for me to ovulate on my own and have kids … It would be, not a miracle, but it would just, it would take a long time, and that’s when [my obstetrician] told me I should go to a fertility doctor,” Sangari told FoxNews.com. “And hearing all that was just crazy because now you’re adding more people into the process of baby making, which should have been so simple.”

The procedure was a success and Sangari and her husband, 36-year-old Sarbdeep Mokha, were overjoyed to learn she was pregnant with twins. But their excitement was short lived when, not long after, the unthinkable happened.“I ended up [having a] preterm delivery on the 23rd week and the babies didn’t survive,” said Sangari. “The procedure itself was successful, the IVF was successful — the carrying of the babies was not successful.”

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